Many People Are Seeking Mediums for Loved One’s Who’ve Died During the Covid 19 Pandemic (Here are Some of Their Stories) It’s not a great surprise (nor does one need to be psychic to predict ) that Covid 19 has created an avalanche of interest (and urgency) in psychic medium readings. Many of our own community comments and the emails we receive on a daily basis…..are focused on Covid losses, and the myriad of emotional […]


Is Being an Empath Hard? (Q and A)

Is being an empath difficult? Do spiritually (or emotionally) sensitive people have harder lives than the rest of us? What unique challenges will I face as an empath, healer, or unusually intuitive person? There are many unique challenges that empaths face, that most folks don’t. For one, you’re going to “feel” the world in a […]


Loving Kindness Meditation for Empaths, Healers, Spiritual Seekers (and anyone who needs a little bit of love)

(artwork credit – Katie Vaz) Download the Free Ebook, Here – > ï»¿in-l-ve-with-the-world (2).pdf 3.93 MB If you struggle to find time to mediate – or simply hate meditating (something that many in our community have confessed over the last few weeks 🙂  here are a few very simple real world exercises that will transform the way you […]

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