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7 Ways to Find a Psychic

Want to get a psychic reading? Good news! You aren’t alone. (and we’re here to help! 🙂 Let’s take a few minutes and discuss some of the various ways to find a psychic or medium – either local to you, or that is accessible to you in a convenient and comfortable way. Remember, just because […]

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Are Near Death Experiences Real? The Scientific Studies of NDE’s (And What They Mean to Psychic Mediums)

Are Near Death Experiences real…..or just a momentary blip in the dying brain?  Real spiritual experiences……or new age nonsense and wishful thinking for the guru’s, and the gullible? Near Death Experiences, or NDE’s are a critical part of the intersection between science and spirituality, and have a lot MORE to do with psychic abilities, and […]

Psychic Blog

What do psychics do?

What do psychics do?  How can a psychic reading help me get where I really want to go?  Do psychics only predict the future…..or can they offer me more practical tools, tips and techniques to live my life right?  What are the sorts of services I should expect, and the kind of questions a psychic […]

Psychic Blog

Are Clairvoyant Readings Real?

Many people are skeptical about clairvoyants, psychics, mediums and anyone who proclaims themselves in possession of a “power” that ordinary folks don’t have. But the interesting thing is…….. In the last few years, there is more and more real, hard evidence that supports the notion that all of us are psychic, or have the “power” […]

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