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The 4 Simple Steps for Connecting to Your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and Spiritual Support Team in the Sky

But if truly want to connect with your angels and guides, you simply start with an “ask.” Not of an expert or a medium, or even an article like this one. You simply set the intention, set the target of your intention (either a specific soul or particular person or in a generic way to the universe at large) and you simply ask for a sign. You ask for support. And you ask for EVIDENCE. And then you begin the process of listening.
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We Asked Psychics To Predict The End Of ‘GoT’ & What They Said Is Actually Pretty Convincing

How will game of thrones finally end? Will Jon Snow take his rightful place on the Iron Throne? Will Jason Mamoa finally shave his beard? (pro tip – that already happened, and he’s aquaman in real life, silly) Will our collective heads explode immediately after the episode on Sunday night? Here is what some of our favorite psychics predict will happen as Game of Thrones comes to a close 🙂
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Our Favorite Near Death Experience Stories (NDE during Car Accident with AfterDeath Communication)

If you want to read hundreds (or thousands) of similar near death experience stories from real people, we can’t recommend the community any more. These are people who have had profound spiritually transformative experiences, and are sharing their stories NOT for fame or book deals or in exchange for glitter or gold – but instead, as a way of healing themselves, and sharing their glimpse of what may await us all….with the world.
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