how to raise your vibration
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7 Ways You Can Change The World – The Spiritual Secret to Raising Your Vibration (Scientifically)

New Course: Discover Your Dharma. How to discover your life purpose. For empaths, healers, spiritual seekers and women who want to change the world. As a spiritual life coach and professional empath, one of the most common questions I get from clients is why the world seems to be so challenging these days. If you […]

Afterlife Evidence Musings

Death as a New Beginning

What if dying wasn’t anything to be afraid of?  What if the process of letting ago was more akin to waking up to a warm morning sun……rather than fading to black? The funny thing is, the vast majority of people who have had an NDE or any other type of spiritually tranformative experience will tell […]


Kate Hudson On Talking to Ghosts

Think you are the only “rock star” who can talk to ghosts? Think again..!;-)Kate Hudson discusses how she (and her celebrity mom – Goldie Hawn) communicate with Spirit, and how she sees the ethereal energies of the departed everywhere she goes. Goldie Hawn is also a well known Buddhist meditator, and as I’ve written about […]

signs you've lived before
Featured Psychic Development

Have You Lived Before? 7 Things Worth Knowing About Your Past Lives

Who were you in a past life?  Is the idea of reincarnation real…..or is it just some more spiritual silliness that new age “nuts” want us to believe?  Is there any real evidence for previous lifetimes?  If so….what is it?  And most importantly, how can YOU begin to safely, quickly and easily explore your own past lives on your own, without danger, dogma or doing anything dubious to boot?

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