Felix Lee Lerma Reviews

Has anyone had a reading with San Fransisco psychic medium Felix Lee Lerma? Many people have asked about Felix over the years, and while we have very little personal experience…
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Psychic When Stoned?

Ever since we’ve opened our Psychic Questions section of the site, we’ve gotten tons of emails with great questions about becoming psychic, spiritual experiences, precognitive dreams, dreams with spiritual components,…
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Are Psychics Ever Wrong?

Quick Poll: Have you ever had a really GOOD psychic reading where only some of the reading was true….BUT, the stuff that was true was incredibly moving and evidential? There…
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lisa williams medium review

Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead

Another fascinating look at the wild and wacky world of spirit visitation, after death communication, psychic dreams and more….from world famous celebrity medium Lisa Williams. Highly entertaining book – well…
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best psychics in florida

Local Psychics?

Here are some easy ways to find local psychics If you’ve had good experiences finding mediums near you that aren’t covered in this short list, feel free to share them,…
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pet psychic mediums

Psychic Mediums for Pets

Todays quick question: Anyone know or recommend a good pet psychic medium? We get a ton of questions about psychic readings for pets (both living and crossed) and the truth…
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Reveal Your Life Purpose

Do you know your life purpose? How clear are you on why you’re here, who you serve and how your life influences, inspires and changes the world? Join us for…
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