3 Reasons I Love Being a Light Worker

There is something very special about being a light worker.  Something unexpected that you don’t anticipate when you start on this path. When you truly step into your purpose as a spiritual seeker who is here to end suffering for other beings, you find yourself able to shake off and rise above many (if not […]


Where is My 3rd Eye?

The 3rd eye is the sacred space where mystical visions arise. It is an opening. A type of wisdom. A type of seeing that is far different than what you may be used to now. It doesn’t really involve the “eyes” (although some healers, shamans and visionaries believe there is a real organ – the […]

Afterlife Evidence

What do Empaths See?

Michael Martin, best selling author of “How to Talk to Spirits” writes about this quite a bit in his books, and how science and spirituality can intersect to transform the inner lives and experiences of all of us.

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