Psychic Mediums

UK Psychics: Craig and Jane Hamilton Parker

Ann Asks……. Q:  What are the biggest difference between psychics and mediums in the US, versus those that work in other countries or cultures? A:  The truth is, psychic abilities and genuinely gifted intuitive’s or empaths aren’t all that different from one country or culture to the next.  Someone with a genuine gift for connecting […]

Angels & Spirit Guides

Types of Angelic Experiences

Most people fall into 3 very distinct camps when it comes to believing in guardian angels and personal spirit guides. The first camp are the skeptics, cynics and people who believe that anything spiritual is silly or new age nonsense….and refuse to consider the possibility that anything “ethereal” could possibly be real.  There are actually […]

theresa caputo
Afterlife Evidence

Long Island Medium Contact Information

What is the best way to get in touch with the Long Island Medium? Honestly, it’s to contact her directly via email or phone or via any of her very active social media channels….and NOT posting comments on public blogs or directories or sites that discuss psychic phenomena and well known mediums, but aren’t affiliated […]

Afterlife Evidence

What does a near death experience feel like?

Here is a pretty interesting dramatic accounting of what a near death experience feels like……according to SOME experiencers. While this is sort of informative and educational in a cool and narrative way, what I DON’T like about this video is the “certainty” that the narrator uses to describe certain FEATURES of the near death experience, […]

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