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Which Psychic Powers Do I Have?


Am I a clairvoyant? Am I clairaudient? Am I a psychic medium or going crazy?

Lots of people have spontaneous psychic or spiritual awakening experiences that make us feel ALIVE, empowered, inspired and eager to explore more, right? But there is also a fine line between having a life changing spiritually transformative experience, and just imagining that you’ve got the gift!

We would argue that everyone has the ability to tune in to alternative sets of information that are “stored” in the environment – the more we learn about the universe, (and our own minds) – the more obvious it is that ALL of the world around you, is put together, and constructed, by factors we rarely notice. Shifting into a different reality is often, just a function of INTENTION, and setting your “mind” to seeing, hearing and feeling things that are all around you – but that go un-observed in ordinary life – by the vast majority of people.

What do YOU believe? What psychic abilities do YOU have? We get a lot of questions about this, so feel free to share your experiences below!

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