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Find a Good Psychic Medium in LA?


How can i find a good psychic or medium in los angeles?  Who is the best medium in LA?  Are psychics on yelp worth trying?  If not….why not, and who do you recommend?  

We get more questions about finding psychics in los angeles, than just about any other city in the world.   LA seems to have more spiritually minded seekers than just about any other city we cover, and our readers and subscribers are constantly asking us to recommend mediums in Los Angeles.

The good news?

There are lots of famous psychics in Hollywood.  There is Tyler Henry, obviously – who is probably the most popular and well known medium in the world these days, outside of Theresa Caputo or John Edward.

There are also other lesser known mediums in los angeles like Medium Fleur, who may not have the name recognition of her more famous counterparts, but who has impressed and astounded many of our readers with her live events, public mediumship displays and private readings alike.

Of course, there are plenty of world class mediums to be found in any big city, and Hollywood is no different!  There are also many psychic scams, fakes and charlatans in every city as well, and based on some of our reader feedback, there are PLENTY of those in los angeles as well.

Are there any top psychics in los angeles you recommend?  Who do you think are the mediums in LA we ought to know about, and recommend to our own audience?  Any spiritual meet ups or events in southern california that you think we should promote?  Share with us on FB, or in the community comments below!


A list of some of the best psychic mediums in los angeles, as voted or recommended by our readers.



Juustine Kenzer is a Los Angeles based psychic medium who has earned a lot of praise as well. Have you had a reading with Juustine?  We’d love to hear about it if you have!


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Medium Fleur is one of the top mediums in Los Angeles, and one of the few mediums we find truly extraordinary, amongst the many hundreds we’ve seen, spoken to, read, rated or reviewed ourselves.


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