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Can I find a good psychic on Yelp?


Are there good psychics on Yelp?  If so….how do I find one? Do famous or celebrity psychic mediums also do local readings?

We get a lot of questions from visitors who are browsing “Yelp” psychics and mediums and want to know if a reader they’ve found locally, is famous or well known.  the truth is, there are very few “rules” when it comes to psychic mediums and how they advertise.  Some of the very best psychic medums we know are booked months in advance, and would probably be embarrassed to be seen on a local directory like Yelp, Thumbtack, Manta or otherwise.  Others (including some very good, and highly recommended mediums) really built their fan base and their reputations by doing local readings, often for YEARS, and establishing a passionate following by dint of their accuracy.

Still others, use Yelp as a way of trying to APPEAR more well known and well established, using friends for reviews, or making outlandish claims about themselves (and their services) and manipulating the system to try to build a better brand.

So while you probably will NOT find someone like Tyler Henry, Theresa Caputo or John Edward on a local directory, it doesn’t mean you can’t get an amazing reading, and discover a truly world class psychic, medium or spiritual teacher, in your local community or on a local directory as well.

Have you found an amazing psychic on Yelp?  Tell us about them by email, on Facebook, or in the comments below!




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