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Who are the best psychics in Florida?


Who are the top psychic mediums you’ve seen in Florida?  Have you had a reading with a Florida medium that has blown you away?  Have you been scammed, ripped off or disappointed by a florida based psychic, medium or spiritual teacher?  

We spend a fair amount of our year in sunny South Florida, so we have a special sensitivity (and interest) with connecting with REAL, genuine and authentic mediums across our state.  (there are certainly no lack of spiritual teachers or “light workers” in  Florida, but that doesn’t mean they’re all worth seeing 🙂


Share your list of the best florida psychic mediums with us on Facebook, or in the answers below – and check out some of what TripAdvisor readers say about Cassadaga, the most famous psychic retreat in Florida below.




Read some Cassadega Reviews below:

I travelled to Cassadaga with a friend and we stayed at the Cassadaga Hotel. We took our time to walk around the village. There are some shops and little stores as well as a large selection of spiritualists who have set up shop in their little bungalows. You can schedule a reading at the main center or at the Cassadaga Hotel. Or, as we did, we walked around until we got a good vibe and knocked on the door.

If you go on a weekend, ask in advance if there are any teachers holding classes. We happened on one where we joined the class along with more experienced mediums and learned about attuning our minds to the other world.

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