Are you an empath….or god forbid, are you really a narcissist? There are many more ways these two personality types intersect, than many people like to admit. Here is a nice video introduction to the common traits between empaths and narcissists, and how to protect yourself, to avoid getting taken advantage of, as well.

This is such a precise summary of the relationship between a narcissist & empath. I discovered my husband was a covert narcissist after 25 years of marriage (now 28 yrs). Now I’m trying to put boundaries in place. Just over a year ago he told me to jump out of the car (that I’m paying for, but he drives) and commit suicide because I said he needs to keep the car clean as he happily drives it around with lumps of birds poo on it. This is a man I had doted on & idealised since marriage, repeatedly telling him that he was such a kind person, but I noticed that anytime we had a slight argument the first thing he would say to me is ‘you are ungrateful’ & then walk out; each time this happened I’d yield to what he wanted. 3 yrs ago I started challenging him on why the first thing he says to me is ‘you’re ungrateful’ anytime there’s a disagreement despite the fact that for 17 of the the last 19 years I had been the SOLE financial provider for our family of 5, doing everything I could do to help him. About 4-5yrs ago I asked him to look for work because it was getting too much for me but he refused saying he can’t work. Finally 15 months ago he got a part-time job as I wouldn’t let up. He’s undermined me & turned the children against me – the 2 adult ones quickly jump to defend him & blame me for everything (just as he does). I am trying to recover from the hurt and damage caused by the constant gaslighting and sabotage to my career. I’ve actually been “burned out” for the last 3 years & had to take unpaid time off work for 2 months to recover – during this time he asked me to sign up to get a mortgage so we could move to a new house!

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