This is one of my favorite comments on this short interview – and a beautiful description of the life review that many of us experience during an NDE.

I had a life review when I had my NDE. I was already in the hospital for a colonoscopy. My heart stopped from being severely dehydrated. While I was down I went through the wall and into a room where someone was showing my slide projections of my life. Someone was standing behind me sorting through my life and took me to 4 instances where I was being kind to people. As the nurse gave me cpr and brought me around , the person behind me made it clear that uplifting people is if the utmost importance in this world. He simply said, “More of this.” And you are correct, when you die, you everything material thing that you have piled up, means nothing. Your achievements mean nothing. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. And when you die, your ego is not needed.

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