A fascinating case of verified past life memories, investigated my Dr. Jim Tucker.  

In Surviving Death on Netflix, Ryan confirmed detail after detail after detail. Marty Martyn’s niece still wasn’t convinced. In fact, Ryan even corrected details that were wrong and confirmed details that Marty’s daughter Marisa didn’t even know. Stuff that can’t be Googled. When they all met, Marty’s niece said, “Do you remember Marty’s grandma? Do you remember Lindburgh landing in Paris….because you were in Paris at the time?” He said no to a few things, and she looked so self-satisfied. You could tell the niece and the daughter really didn’t believe it. Even though it’s also documented in these cases that memories fade with age, and that’s why he didn’t have much to say. Some people will do anything to deny and ignore facts that have been proven right to their faces.

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