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Now Reading: Joanne Gerber Psychic Reviews?


Joanne Gerber Psychic Reviews?

svgDecember 9, 2022Musingsgoodkarma

Is Joanne Gerber legitimate? How much does it cost to get a medium reading from Joanne Gerber? And what is an evidential medium, anyway?

We’ve gotten a few questions about Joanne Gerber over the last few months, and while it’s been a while since I’ve looked at her work, years ago….she was highly recommended as an evidential medium by folks we trust. (The Windbridge Institute and the Forever Family Foundation, 2 reputable organizations that certify psychic mediums using some fairly strict criteria)

While not all of the mediums that have been certified by the Windbridge Institute of Forever Family Foundation have impressed us, to be honest…..those that HAVE in fact, been the most ethical, reputable and easy to refer have, as a general rule, have been found in their recommendations.

Have you had a reading with Joanne Gerber? Let us know what your experience was like in the community comments below (or by email – In the meantime, for those who have asked, here are some Joanne Gerber reviews/testimonials taken from her own page, below.

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    Joanne Gerber Psychic Reviews?

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