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Tell us if you see yourself (or a loved one, friend or family member) in the description below, any of these qualities sound familiar> Share more in the comments below! (alternatively you can get an empathic life reading here, which will help clarify which of these light worker traits is most prominent in you)

1.Feeling empaths. (emotional sponges, you find other people’s emotions easy to absorb)

2.Introverted empaths. (you feel “lived” and owned by your own emotions, moment to moment, which leads to withdrawal)

3.Dharma driven empaths. (you feel the need to heal the world, to share your gift and to wake up the world with your work)

4.Dreamer empaths. (your strongest skills tend to come out when you sleep – often in lucid dreams and dream visitation experiences, often with loved ones you’ve lost, who have crossed)

5.Bohdhisattva empaths. (you feel the pain of the world, absorb it and seek out solutions to solve the BIG problems we all face together. Your motivations are generally spiritual and selfless – and there is very little “me” focus)

6.Inspirational empaths. (your motivation is generally to cultivate a community and transform a tribe of peers. You are a leader, and others flock to you naturally)

7.Introspective empaths. (you tend to keep your gift to yourself, and think deeply about problems – both your own – your friends, family and even strangers…..YET, other than your close knit soul circle, no one would know the depth of your sensitivity)

8.Energetic empaths. (you pick up on the energy of others, but not always, their emotions. You may feel sleepy – or speedy – simply by being in the presence of others whose bodily energy you absorb)

9.Aura empaths. (you may have all of the traits above – or some of theme – but you see, feel, or even taste the aura’s of others. You see, feel; and even speak in “colors”. (you may also  show signs of synesthesia which is the ability to , hear colors, taste sounds, and other blending of senses that only a very small percentage of people will ever understand.

10. Spiritual empaths. (you are a medium – or have the innate ability to feel, sense or see spirit. (note – for those of you who are natural empaths but want to accentuate your “medium” muscle, we recommend “how to talk to spirits” by renowned gifted medium, Michael Martin.

But it’s NOT always easy begin an empath. Many of us find things emotionally challenging that the rest of the world seem to handle just fine?

  1.  Empaths tend to have a much higher startle response than “average”.  What does this mean?  Loud noises, crowded places and suffocating spaces are like kryptonite to a spiritually (or emotionally) sensitive person.
  2. Empaths also tend to eschew self absorbed personalities FAR more than most.  While your garden variety narcissist doesn’t really bother most folks, an empath feels the depth of their duplicity, and the stench of their self absorption in a visceral way.  This can lead to headaches, to nausea and a sense of spiritual suffocation that is hard to describe, unless you’ve experienced it.
  3. Empaths (especially those of us with some psychic or precognitive abilities) also find the news, or current events, overwhelming.   (most notably, in difficult times like the ones we’re living through now)  Some empaths can FEEL the future in a way that is hard to describe….and this can lead to feelings of overwhelm that lead many of us to retreat to safe spaces where we can process and absorb what we see….alone.

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