Does Laura Lynn Jackson do readings for the public?  How much does she charge?  Is she any good?  Is Laura Lynn Jackson an evidential medium….and if so, what does that even mean?

We get a lot of questions about the mediums from Surviving Death (the hit Netflix documentary about the best evidence for an afterlife) and quite often, we’ll get specific questions about our feelings on Laura Lynn Jackson’s readings on the show.

to be honest?  I’m less impressed with Laura relative to others who watched the documentary – and having been a bit familiar with her work for a number of years beforehand, she has never quite struck me as “evidential” or impressive as others have made her out to be.

Nonetheless, she is quite popular – and seems like a nice enough person in public.  We’ll be posting some videos of her sessions, interviews and appearances over the holidays, for those who’d like to see more of her on our community.

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