We’ve received a few questions about Anthony Mrocka readings recently, and while some folks in our community have reported only “so so” readings with him, others have found his inspirational messages quite empowering and uplifting.  (especially those in recovery, who have found their own spiritual gifts later in life)

If you’ve had a reading with Anthony Mrocka – feel free to share your experiences in the community comments below, or by email (suddenlypsychic@gmail.com)  

Watch the video interview for more on Anthony Mrocka, and his empowering story of recovery and spiritual growth.

If you answered no, the good news is you don’t need either of these things to grow and enhance your psychic and mediumship abilities. And psychic medium Anthony Mrocka is living proof!

After battling addiction, and hitting rock bottom — more than once — a series of synchronistic occurrences led him to begin the development of his psychic and mediumship gifts in his 30s.

Today, it’s his full time job, doing in-person and phone readings, gallery reading events and teaching others to open their own gifts.

I had Anthony join our Exclusive Elevated Existence Membership community to do some live readings, and he blew us all away!

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