Someone forwarded us this article on “psychic medium” Thomas John this morning, after a bunch of folks commented on our community, with similar concerns and experiences.  (cancellations, no refunds and getting the run around from Thomas John overall)

While we don’t condone using terms like “grief vampire” to describe psychic mediums as a blanket term (something many skeptical sites do writ large) it does feel like Thomas John fits the profile of someone who is taking advantage of the grief of others, to make easy money – and that is incredibly disappointing to see.  

You can read the full investigation at the link below – and again, while this author and investigator is clearly not a fan of all psychic mediums – it is clear that her research into Thomas John – and the variety of shenanigans he’s been foisting on folks who trust him – it feels like a public service announcement well worth reading, before considering getting a reading from Thomas John.

I haven’t written about Grief Vampire Thomas John in many months because I’ve been shifting my attention to other pseudoscience and, of course, preparing for the not-to-be-missed CSICon event happening October 20–23, 2022, in Las Vegas. As much as I try to leave the Thomas John world behind, I k …

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