If you’re unsure what sort of personality type you are, or what sort of empath you are, these are some super simple questions you can ask as you start your journey.


If you’re being TOTALLY honest with yourself, do you prefer to be alone, or do you prefer to be with people? (hint…even people you like!)


Do you pick up the energy and emotions of others in your space?

And if so, what does that experience feel like for you? Is it draining? Empowering? Or simply confusing?


Do you have rich, colorful and imaginative inner experiences?

For example, is the richness of your inner life, far more exciting and interesting than what you see in the more drab world around you? Many empaths feel intensely alive within the landscape of our own inner world – creative, colorful, magical and mysterious experiences that are hard to explain to anyone else (other than other empaths who completely understand)


Are your instincts more guided by your heart rather than your head?

Most empathic personalities tend to make life decisions based on what our gut, intuition or heart center is leading us to do, rather than a more logical, practical head centered approach. This can lead to some interesting adventures….and some interesting life choices, too!


Crowds, cramp your comfort

 You don’t like big public gatherings, and often feel overwhelmed with the energies and emotions of other humans (and non humans!) sharing your space.


You are a human lie detector!  People know better than to lie around you.  You see through bullshit and deceit better than the best law enforcement agents on TV 🙂  If someone is not forthright, you feel it – and often before anyone else.

Any of these sound familiar? If you’re interested in exploring your own natural gifts as an empath, healer or spiritual seeker, join our full community for workshops, workbooks, and exclusive classes designed to level up your life as an HSP!

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