Is Tyler Henry the real deal? Is Life After Death worth watching? And what are people saying about the new Netflix special featuring the Hollywood medium…and his seemingly uncanny ability to connect the living, to those who have crossed over to the other side?

If you’ve been paying attention to our community over the last few years, you have no doubt, recognized that we are not like most of the sites that recommend, review and refer psychic mediums. We pride ourselves on being honest, transparent and open about doubt, cold reading, fraud and all sorts of other all too common things that are unfortunately, part and parcel of the experience of seeking solace through a psychic medium.

Tyler Henry, for all of his detractors……to us, is the real deal. He checks most of the boxes that one ought to look for in a psychic/spiritual teacher. He’s open to critical views, he doesn’t claim to have all of the answers, he’s humble in the midst of an obvious special talent and great gift, and unlike other mediums who appear like cartoon characters, he’s grounded and approachable as well.

After watching the whole season of the Netflix show (and having had several other more direct experiences with Tyler) we’re convinced he’s one of the most interesting and inspiring psychic mediums working in the world today (and far more impressive, even to skeptics like me, than the vast majority of mediums we speak to regularly, even some famous celebrity mediums featured on our own community)

What do you think about Tyler Henry?

Have you seen him in person for a reading? Share your thoughts, comments and opinions in the community comments section below. (we get hundreds of visits from folks looking for info on Tyler Henry readings each and every day…and anything you can share about your own experience will be appreciated by many seeking solace, presence and peace after losing a loved one)

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