What is an Earth Empath? (and the #1 Sign this is your empathic personality type)

Earth empaths thrive by the ocean, in the forest and quite obviously, in pristine environments where she can use the earth elements to re-charge and re-energize our gifts.


Are earth empaths common? How do we differ from “ordinary” empaths? And can you have multiple empathic personality types, or are you limited to one?

Earth empaths are fairly unique. We are most commonly described in the media and culture as “tree huggers” or “hippies” even forest nymphs. (a phrase that always makes me laugh 🙂 Earth empaths are highly attuned to nature, the climate, our environment and the natural world overall. Many earth empaths are activists with respect to the climate and the bevvy of changes the natural world is experiencing during these turbulent times.

Natural beauty will energize and empower you. Concrete, steel and the slog of city life will leave you languished – often draining us of our energy and ability to use our gifts in the service of our mission.

Pollutants will not only sicken an earth empath far more quickly than an “ordinary” person, but it can leave you feeling depressed, ill, exhausted and overwhelmed. (natural empaths are similar to earth empaths, but in my experience, an earth empath feels a deeper, more powerful and profound connection to mother earth and all of her beauty, and man made blemishes.

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