6 Things You Won’t Expect About Being an Empath (especially if you think it’s all unicorns and rainbows)

  1. You may be more sensitive to what people think about you.  (you may be a bit of a pleaser….as you don’t want to feel the depth of the disappointment that others may feel if you don’t conform to their wishes, which can lead many empaths to toxic relationships)
  2. You may find yourself overthinking EVERYTHING and being lost in thought, and loops of rumination.
  3. You may find it harder to heal from traumas, and forgive slights or conflicts that others have moved past already.
  4. You LOVE fiercely, quickly and passionately.  This means you may find yourself getting emotionally attached very early in a relationship, and as many empaths are also givers, you may find yourself feeling taken advantage of or easily hurt, especially in new relationships.
  5. You may find current events overwhelming.  The news makes you more than sad – it hurts your heart in ways that others may find odd or offputting.
  6. You are an activist – EVEN if it’s just in your head and heart.  Nothing offends you more than injustice and even if you are an introvert, your spirit speaks up for those who have less, or who are oppressed.  (and in 2020 – with the world being such a friggin MESS, it’s no surprise that so many NEW empaths are raising their hands and being counted in our community)
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