7 TINY Signs You’re an Empath (with BIG Feelings!)

Do any of these TINY experiences feel familiar? If so… may NOT be shy, introverted or aloof. You may actually be a natural empath:

  • 1.Feel the emotions of others without trying
    2.Get drained by overbearing personalities even if they’re not talking to us
    3.Sense spiritual dimensions that others ignore or find impossible to believe
  • 4.Are energized and improved by simply being alone
  • 5. Find it impossible to ignore the pain and immerse ourselves in the problems of those we love
  • 6. Side with the underdog and oppressed
  • 7. Feel called to social justice issues, even if we’re introverted and less likely to yell or scream (although some of us certainty can….and do!)

Ready to find your own tribe? Join our growing community of empaths awakening to our natural gifts and purpose…!

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