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Now Reading: Psychic Detectives? Do Psychics Really Solve Crimes?


Psychic Detectives? Do Psychics Really Solve Crimes?

svgSeptember 18, 2021Musingsgoodkarma

Here is a short article we wrote a few years ago about a police chief who is 100% convinced that psychic mediums, (and other types of psychics) DO in fact, help with crime solving.  It’s not an easy, black and white issue, of course.  There is a spectrum of psychic skills, and there are circumstances, and good fortune and even some psychics who have been uncannily accurate with helping to locate a body, or identify a perpertrator, or help locate a lost child or relative….and then forevermore, have either been completely INEFFECTIVE, or not nearly as good as their best work.

What does that tell us about psychic abilities?  It just deepens the magic, and the mystery behind the invisible curtain that many of us believe lies just beyond the window of what we can see.

For more on psychic detectives, continue reading at the link below.

Do Psychics Work with Police? This Chief Says a Medium Reading Changed His Life

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    Psychic Detectives? Do Psychics Really Solve Crimes?

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