12 Signs You’re Reincarnated (And NO……You weren’t Cleopatra in a past life)

Note – watch the short past life quiz, with audio guide, in our mini course, below!

Unusual habit patterns that recur or repeat.

Deja vu (the strange sensation that you’ve been somewhere before)

Mysterious dreams (with familiar stranger syndrome)

unusual birthmarks

childhood experiences that others tell you about (that you may not remember now)

recurring patterns with people

nostalgic for previous periods of history

connection to other cultures (ones you may naturally feel called to without much obvious reason or rational)

unusual gifts or talents (musical or linguistic gifts from a very young age)

relationships that feel like they extend beyond the lifetime

an interest in paranormal things

an interest in recinarnation, past lives, karma or spiritual growth (maybe even when others in your orbit expressely don’t believe in these ideas – or you were raised to believe otherwise)

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