Psychic Medium Cari Roy Reviews? Has Anyone Had a Reading with Cari Roy

Acclaimed New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy, as seen on The Today Show, A&E, Discovery and Travel Channels, is available for in-person and phone psychic and medium readings. Plus special events, bachelorette parties, speaking engagements and team building. We also offer house/business cleansings and blessings. Named #1 Psychic Medium to see in New Orleans by Recommended Best Psychic Medium to see in the US by

Has anyone had a reading with New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy?  We’ve gotten a bunch of requests for mediums from New Orleans, and several people in our private community have recommended Cari Roy….but we’re unfamiliar with her work.  If you’ve had a reading with Cari Roy, or know anything about the quality of her work, let us know by email ( on Twitter or via the community comments below.  

And if you have another psychic medium to recommend in New Orleans or Louisiana, let us know below, or via email as well!  🙂

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