It’s no surprise that so many people are turning to spirituality, astrology, psychic readings and spiritual mediums for a relief during these extraordinarily unusual times.  Many people we’ve spoken to in our own readership base have told us that the demand for psychic (or spirit) readings has never been higher.  There are many obvious reasons for this – including desperation, fear, panic, curiosity and even old fashioned entertainment.  (not all folks who call a psychic, or become interested in tarot or astrology are true believers per se, many actually are simply curious, and want to be entertained)

Nonetheless, WitchTok has become a Tiktok craze that many are noting – including CNN, on this feature piece, today.  Enjoy!

People turn to spiritualism in times of turmoil, and practices of witchcraft, astrology, Tarot have become more popular thanks to social media.

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