Psychic Medium John Edward Blows Audience Away: Was it Staged?

Let’s be honest, being a psychic can be hit and miss sometimes… But when it hits… it HITS and psychic medium John Edward was on fire this morning. Tune in below to hear his reading for one of our listeners, it was incredible what he got correct.

A really impressive anonymous reading from celebrity psychic medium John Edward.  (one of the very rare examples of a medium who shows up and regularly impresses open minded skeptics and cynics who are willing to objectively analyze what’s he’s REALLY doing, rather than just brushing off his readings as staged or or faked)

This reading is a good example of how good Edward is when he’s “on.”  A skeptic in our community shared this with us earlier – saying the only way a medium could be this accurate with “guessing” would be if it was staged.  (which he believed it probably was…..although we obviously disagree!)

What do YOU believe John Edward is doing in readings like this one?  Share in the community comments in our private forum, or immediately below.

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