Can You Get Psychic a Reading on Tik Tok? How Psychic Mediums are Using Social Media to Read Fortunes (and Make a Fortune)

For $15, plus a 75-cent processing fee, Hannah Macintyre is telling me my destiny.

The online psychic universe is exploding….and many people are paying a fortune, to have their fortunes read.  Are the psychic mediums on Clubhouse legitimate?  How about Tik Tok and other social media platforms?  Many mediums, intuitive readers and other spiritual coaches/teachers are crying foul at the onslaught of “overnight” experts appearing on social media….often preying on younger people who have no experience with psychic readings.

(others would argue of course, that the old guard in the psychic medium and spiritual reading space have been doing the same thing for many years….and are simply upset to see all of the competittion)

Have you had a psychic reading on Clubhouse, or Cameo?  How about Tik Tok?  How did it compare to a reading with a more traditional (and lower cost) service like Psychic Source?  

Let us know by email….or in the community comments below!

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