Poll: Empath or Narcissist? Which One is More Common?

An empath generally feels the emotions of others more deeply than she (or he) feels her own.

But the best manipulators (and often psychopaths) are also deeply empathetic as well – just NOT the type of empathy most of us think of, when we think of the positive, pro social, compassion most often associated with spiritually sensitive people.

There are far too many people who pretend to be empaths, healers, light workers and spiritual teachers….who are really manipulative people trying to fool themselves, and others about their gift.

(there are also many kind and compassionate, deeply sensitive souls whose empathic traits are what the world needs more of, in these deeply divided times)

What has YOUR experience been?

Are the self described empaths you find in the world more likely to be kind and caring, or more likely to think they are “gifted” in some way, simply because they want to feel special?

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