Do I Have a Guardian Angel?

Guardian angel and spirit guide experiences can be amongst the most uplifting and inspiring spiritual experiences one can have. Learn more about some of the most common signs…and get an angel reading of your own, below.

Q: What are the signs that my guardian angel is close?

A: There are many signs and synchronicities that people report when they feel like a genuine angel experience has occurred. The 3 most common, in our experience doing angel and spirit readings for tens of thousands of people are:

  1. A smell that’s associated with a loved one that has crossed. Could be a perfume, a cigar, or even a smell that’s associated with a particular kind of work. (for example, the sudden and inexplicable smell of paint, or tar, or hair spray in a room that cooresponds with the previous work your “guardian angel” did in life)
  2. A sound that’s associated with the person. Like a favorite record, song or even the sound of a piano playing. (when there are either no piano’s, or no people to play them! 🙂
  3. Lastly, there are many dream visitation experiences, where a loved one will appear in a hyper real, lucid way. These are very, very common….and many people will only talk about them with a psychic, a medium or their most trusted spiritual friends, lest they come across as crazy. (or have their experienced dismissed, or discounted as imaginary)

Have you had a guardian angel experience? Tell us about them, here!

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