Can You Love Difficult People? How to be Compassionate with People Who Drive You Crazy (or make you mad)

We get a lot of questions about practicing compassion (or being empathetic) to people who piss us off 🙂 The truth is, no matter how spiritual you may feel, there are always going to be people who get under your skin. Here is a short excerpt from our new “EnlightenUp!” series for more learning to cultivate more magic, mindfulness, and mojo in your every day life.

Practicing loving kindness for someone for whom you aren’t feeling all that loving, or all that kind.

Bring a difficult person to mind.  An enemy, an adversary or someone you simply don’t like.  

See them as a baby – fresh and new – innocent and untainted by time or circumstances.  

Or visualize them as a four year old – smiling and carefree.  

If they stubbed their toe…& CAME TO YOU, what would you do?

You would offer them compassion, and care.

The magic of this practice is that it reveals our inherent goodness .

It’s less about the other person.

It’s about our own ability to love, to transcend our own biases and beliefs, in the service of  wisdom,  humility and our shared humanity.

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