A Manifestation Technique That Actually Works?

Q: “I’ve tried just about every manifestation script, law of attraction technique and abundance strategy under the sun….and yet, i’m still broke, single and unhappy. Is all of this stuff a scam, and i’m a sucker…..or am I doing it wrong?”

A: You aren’t a sucker….and you’re not doing it wrong. (per se 🙂 We have a very different idea of what manifesting is, how it works, and the right way to approach creating the life you love. The truth is, while we can’t cover every approach in this reply, the vast majority of manifestation guides (both the people, and the material) are superficial, silly and not all that spiritual at all. Anything that leaves you feeling like a loser, because you didn’t manifest the house (or husband) of your dreams, isn’t a technique worth talking about, and more often than not….is more like a 2am informercial marketing pitch, than a real approach for improving your life.

We do believe in setting clear intentions, using your attention skillfully, and using creativity (and consistency) to manifest the life you love. We created a 100 page journal you can download and use, and a short free, email course for using the journal, and manifesting what you want out of life in a more evidence based way – download it with our blessings, below.


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