Q: What are the signs that my guardian angel is close?

A: There are many signs and synchronicities that people report when they feel like a genuine angel experience has occurred. The 3 most common, in our experience doing angel and spirit readings for tens of thousands of people are:

  1. A smell that’s associated with a loved one that has crossed. Could be a perfume, a cigar, or even a smell that’s associated with a particular kind of work. (for example, the sudden and inexplicable smell of paint, or tar, or hair spray in a room that cooresponds with the previous work your “guardian angel” did in life)
  2. A sound that’s associated with the person. Like a favorite record, song or even the sound of a piano playing. (when there are either no piano’s, or no people to play them! 🙂
  3. Lastly, there are many dream visitation experiences, where a loved one will appear in a hyper real, lucid way. These are very, very common….and many people will only talk about them with a psychic, a medium or their most trusted spiritual friends, lest they come across as crazy. (or have their experienced dismissed, or discounted as imaginary)

Have you had a guardian angel experience? Tell us about them, here!

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