3 Spiritual Business Tips for Light Workers, Healers and Inspirational Entrepreneurs

What is the easiest way to market my spiritual business? What do “light workers” need to know to turn our life purpose into a profitable business?

  1. Connect with a community of other enlightened entrepreneurs!   This feels obvious, but it’s amazing how many people overlook signing up for spiritual directories (searchable by location or niche) or other marketplaces that can quickly surface your service to the exact folks looking for the sort of help you’d love to offer.
  2. What can you borrow to build?  What can you leverage to launch?  Figure out who has your ideal audience and figure out ways to add value (either through sharing your own experience or expertise) or identify other ways to partner with their platform.  (for example, we are always looking for inspirational authors, empaths, healers, teachers, spiritual seekers and other likeminded peers to write for our ENLIGHTENUP publishing platform)
  3. Create a small product, a course, a coaching offer or something similar….and then add an “affiliate” program that incentivizes other people to promote YOU (and your products) to their platform.  

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