Is Phil Quinn a Real Medium? Share Your Reviews of Phil Quinn

Has anyone had a reading with Phil Quinn?  We have gotten a few questions about Phil Quinn readings, and our impressions of him as a medium – and to be totally honest, he’s not someone we had ever heard of before, hence……we have no experience – nor opinion to offer.

In watching a few of his youtube videos though – i’m not so sure how impressed I am with his philosophy, or his strong assertions.  (we also find it a bit of a red flag when someone makes claims about the nature of how things are – without backing them up with some evidence or something that can be tested or validated – e.g. – in the clip above – “an aura extends 6 feet in every direction” – this is simply an assertion without any evidence – and no scientific basis for validation…..which is something every claim made by a medium SHOULD be subject to – and not something that should be taken as truth.

If you’ve had a reading with Phil Quinn – let us know by email or in the comments -and we’ll share some of the experiences in a dedicated post.

  1. I paid 100.00 for what turned out to be a 20 min reading online. He basically just asked me what he could help me with and gave encouragement. Of course I appreciate that, but I didn’t get the impression he was in touch with those who have passed. Also said he would recommend an herbal remedy specific for my health problem and give me a free reading as a follow up, but he never responded to my emails.

    1. Thanks for sharing your reading with Phil Quinn – sounds disappointing – and i’m not a fan of hearing mediums recommending “herbal remedies” for health problems – (as they aren’t doctors or medical professionals – and there is much that can – and has gone wrong when they assume they are) – and of course, not responding to follow up emails isn’t good either. Much appreciate you sharing – i’m sure others will find it helpful!

  2. Hi please can someone tell me how to book a reading with Phil quinn I think he’s amazing and having lost a loved one recently I am desperate for a reading thanks

  3. I had a reading with Phil and it was amazing. He is clean and honest and able to connect with beings on the other side (loved ones etc.) and to transmit answers or advices etc. on any kind of subject. It can help a lot, if you feel stuck for a long time in your life to ask Phil for clarification. The more you want to know and the more specific you are, the better the outcome.
    A great opportunity!

  4. I had a reading with Phil, he is for real. He told me something that only my husband knew!!! I thinks thoughtful and very endearing !!!

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