Dr. Bruce Greyson on Near-Death Experiences, Evidence for an Afterlife and the Transformative Experience of Researching NDE's


In a culture which insists that the mind is simply what the brain does, verified near-death experiences when the brain is inactive are a challenge.

A good article (linked) on Dr. Bruce Greyson’s research into the wild, weird and often wonderful adventures many of us experience as we approach death.  For those unfamiliar with Dr. Greyson, his research on NDE’s is often thought of as the gold standard when it comes to the application of serious science on a topic that just a few short decades ago….many thought superficial and silly.

Today, regardless of what thinks about the causes of the amazing and often seemingly inexplicable experiences people report as they approach death, you won’t many scientists who don’t recognize NDE’s as a legitimate area of inquiry.

Check out Dr. Bruce Greyson’s newest book, here.  And read the great article (linked) above for more.

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