Note: This was a question that came up in our private 52 week community earlier today for empaths, healers, and spiritually sensitive people. Feel free to join us, here for more real conversation about spiritual growth)

  1. A “fake” empath will spend much more time telling you about all of HER gifts, rather than focusing on feeling, healing or helping anyone around her (or him)
  2. A Narcissist in disguise is someone who uses “spiritual” language to make themselves appear special, enlightened or advanced. Really, they are just feeding off of other people’s trust, and naivete about authentic spiritual practices. (and genuine empathy, compassion and pro social behavior)
  3. A narcissist will TELL you how much she empathizes with you (or any other person/group of people who suffer) but just below the surface, feels very little. Some will actually feel sympathy, but that has a healthy helping of “superiority” built in. They may feel bad for you, but only because it elevates their own sense of self esteem and use it to feel better than the rest of us.

4. Lastly, a REAL empath is an activist. She (or he) is engaged, attentive and interested in altruistic action. Real compassion (and real healing) comes from a person who is willing to not only empathize, but to help alleviate the suffering of other people, through pro social, effective action.

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