2 Things That Drive Empaths Crazy?

So what do empaths find emotionally challenging that the rest of us seem to handle just fine?

  1.  Empaths tend to have a much higher startle response than “average”.  What does this mean?  Loud noises, crowded places and suffocating spaces are like kryptonite to a spiritually (or emotionally) sensitive person.
  2. Empaths also tend to eschew self absorbed personalities FAR more than most.  While your garden variety narcissist doesn’t really bother most folks, an empath feels the depth of their duplicity, and the stench of their self absorption in a visceral way.  This can lead to headaches, to nausea and a sense of spiritual suffocation that is hard to describe, unless you’ve experienced it.

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am i an empath reading
am i an empath reading

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