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4 Rules for Empaths

svgMarch 19, 2021Musingsgoodkarma

  1. You need to be “always aware” of your tendency to fall quickly, fall deeply and sometimes, fall dangerously in love….far faster than “ordinary” people
  1. Be open, honest and transparent with your partner. Don’t hide your light. Tell them that you feel things deeply. Most people find this quality very appealing and attractive.
  2. Be mindful of your empathic tendencies. Try practicing mindfulness, or being “meta aware” of your own emotions and tendencies to immerse yourself in the ups and downs of a relationship (and the emotional states of your partner)
  3. Honor your empathic gifts! To feel deeply IS the greatest gift that life has to offer us. Learning to channel your emotions is a much better path than trying to tamp them down, or drown them out. Empaths DO get hurt more than most……and you simply have to accept that as the “other side of the coin” to experiencing many wonderful highs and if channelged properly a profound purpose in this body……that most others will miss.

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    4 Rules for Empaths

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