Are light workers born special or do we grow and flow and develop into idealistic, inspirational people who truly want to change the world for the better? Can anyone be a light worker, or do you need some sort of special spiritual gift? We get so many different questions about what it means to be a light worker, and yet…the 2 simple quotes below seem to capture the experience quite eloquently.

“1. A true lightworker isn’t someone who thinks she is better than everyone else. Instead, she has dedicated herself to making OTHER people better…..even if she needs to suffer more”

2. Healers move through the world in a very unusual way. We can be chameleons in both function, and form. Sometimes we may seem to be invisible to others – navigating space with serenity and a smile. Other times we are impossible to miss, stepping up, standing out and standing up for those who need a voice, need a hand or merely need our help. We didn’t choose this path.  We feel in our bones….that it chose us” – Angela li

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