I’m going to make this quick…:)

But we’ve got a bunch of emails over the last few months from folks who have been “tricked” or deceived by psychic directories and review sites that claim to list “certified” psychics and psychic mediums that have been verified by a “private investigator” to be accurate, honest and the real deal.

Here are the facts:

  1. There are several popular psychic directories that claim to “investigate” psychic mediums prior to listing their services….that are FOR PROFIT (fee based) listing sites. There is no “investigation” at all – outside of possibly, a cursory attempt to ensure the person isn’t a complete scam. These sites accept FEES to list and FEATURE the mediums they claim are “legitimate” – and then, far more ethically bankrupt, will not publish NEGATIVE reviews of these mediums (after folks have bad experiences) leaving the public to believe all of the 5 star reviews are representative of the talent/skill or accuracy of the medium. (we get at least 5 emails a week with these sorts of stories and to my mind, it’s more than unethical – it’s actually evil)
  2. The very BEST psychic mediums in the world aren’t 100% accurate – or anywhere close – most of the time. It’s a hit or miss situation – and this has been verified and documented by countless studies of mediums in scientific settings. The best mediums (people like John Edward for example, have actually subjected themselves to scientific inquiry) have extraordinarily high “hjt” rates….but even so, aren’t guaranteed to give you the sort of experience, or reading you need – every time. Anyone who claims otherwise – is lying – or a dumb dumb 🙂
  3. NEver spend more money on a reading, than you can truly afford. If a medium charges $500 an hour – and you make $500 a week – it’s simply not a good idea, and quite often, is a recipe for a really bad experience. There are many ways to have spiritually uplifting experiences with your loved ones who have “crossed” for free….or for a cost any of us can afford. If someone charges an obnoxious amount of money for a reading, it doesn’t mean they are any more gifted than the psychic you’ll find on a local strip mall, or on a popular network like Psychic Source. (who we recommend to folks who want a low cost reading without the expense and drama)

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