What Are Mediums, Anyway? Oprah Magazine Opines


There’s more to mediums than candles and crystal balls.

What is a medium?  What is a mental medium, and distinct from a physical medium?  And are mediums REALLY talking to the dead…..or is there something sinister, or scammy going on?

The interest in mediumship has never been higher.  With a pandemic causing oceans of grief around the globe, and documentaries like “Surviving Death” become huge hits, people are talking about, and driving interest in  celebrity mediums like Laura Lynn Jackson, John Edward, Tyler Henry, Theresa Caputo and others in record numbers.  (the Google search results for mediums is reaching all time highs, and our own traffic is shattering all previous numbers month over month)

Mental mediums are those that purport to communicate with the dead via the mind alone.  Mental mediums are BY FAR the most common, and while they remain controversial, they are nowhere near as controversial as physical mediums like Nicole De Haas.  (Featured on Surviving Death, and to our eye…..didn’t do herself, or the idea of physical mediumship any favors)

Physical mediums generally are those that you’ll see featured in Seances. They often claim (and witnesses report) physical phenomena that manifests during their sessions, which is incredibly evidential for those in attendance…and incredibly hard to believe for anyone who hasn’t experienced it in person.

For more, check out the article on Oprah magazine, below.
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