3 Reasons I Love Being a Light Worker

There is something very special about being a light worker.  Something unexpected that you don’t anticipate when you start on this path.

  1. When you truly step into your purpose as a spiritual seeker who is here to end suffering for other beings, you find yourself able to shake off and rise above many (if not most) all of the petty slights, the petty people and the daily indignities that keep so many of us stuck in a rut.  You expect them, you anticipate them, and your overcome them as part of your “charge” as a special soul who is here to heal.
  2. I truly find it easier to stay focused on my mission, and being the best version of “me” I can be.  I love the quote “How people treat you is their karma, but how you respond is yours.”  This keeps me mindful of being always aware that it’s MY ability to choose how to respond and react to life’s slings and arrows, and my response has nothing to do with what someone else said, or did, or deserves.  (after all, my karma is strictly how I engage with the world….and it has nothing to do how someone else engages with theirs)
  3. It allows me to connect with others on the path of spiritual growth, helping, healing and personal growth.  Finding a tribe to learn with, to grow with, and to join with on this crazy journey is a true gift, and in my experience, finding a tribe of true “healers” make the best sorts of spiritual soulmates you’ll find on this crazy adventure we call life.
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