It’s not a great surprise (nor does one need to be psychic to predict ) that Covid 19 has created an avalanche of interest (and urgency) in psychic medium readings. Many of our own community comments and the emails we receive on a daily basis…..are focused on Covid losses, and the myriad of emotional issues that this sort of loss can leave on those left behind. The sheer suddenness of it all is profoundly shocking and unfair, and to many….psychic mediums, or those who claim to be able to communicate with the dead, seek to fill the despair shaped spot that lives in the hearts and minds of so many.

Here are some of their stories. Check out the full story at the link below, to read more.

In mid-January, she met a psychic for a crossing-over. This is where a medium connects with someone who has died by tapping into energy.

“I reached out because I wanted to know if he was okay, if his soul had found rest or peace, and if he had any last words for us. I wanted him to know that the kids and I loved and missed him. During the reading, he said he was at peace and that he loved us. I knew it was him because, through the medium, he referred to me by a pet name. He was the only person who called me that. My husband said he was sorry for leaving us.”

She said they did not take any of his belongings for the medium to tap into that energy.

Karishma Moodley, a psychic medium, said there was an increase in requests for crossing-overs.

“The initial requests were to connect with loved ones for comfort and guidance. But as the infection and death rate rose and more families were affected during the second wave, I received more requests from those whose loved ones have died abruptly.

“These families longed for peace and liberation for their relatives. They needed a sense of closure and comfort. They wanted to know if their loved ones were angry or upset with them.

“Also, many families are rooted in tradition and custom. Until recently, they were not permitted to see or conduct all the religious practices for those who died from the virus and this impacted the way these families mourned. Some of them struggled with depression and guilt.”

Shirley Bramwell, a psychic, said families were desperate to find out if their spouses, children, parents and relatives were okay and whether they had suffered in their last moments.

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