Who are the best known psychic mediums in New York?  Think you’ve got to be on TV to a celebrity psychic, empath or intuitive in NYC?  There are some truly amazing psychics working in NYC who are almost entirely unknown.  (and many famous “psychics” who aren’t really worth seeing at all)

In this article Goop lists some of the better known (and some lesser known) psychics and mediums working in Manhattan, and breaks them down into categories as well.  (energy workers, tarot, spirit mediums and more)

NOTE:  Some other big cities are featured here as well, and with Covid, many of the best spiritual teachers/coaches are working 100% by phone, so you should be able to chat with just about anyone on this list….contingent of course, on availability. 

Do you have a recommended psychic in NYC we need to know about?  Share it with us in the comments, or by email (

One of the requests we field the most is recommendations for good healers—of all varieties. Here, you’ll find a rolodex of our favorite energy workers, intuitives, and mediums—individuals who are supremely gifted at moving, reading, and accessing energy, whether it’s in our bodies or from the other side.

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