Empath Communities: Avoiding the Narcissist Trap (and the quickest way to tell that your spiritual teacher is a fraud)

Use your own intuition and deep sense of knowing to discern between authentic spiritual teachers who have something to offer on your personal journey, and the countless self centered “healers” who simply want to desperately believe they are spiritually special. (and we’re not 🙂

As we enter 2021 (thankfully 2020 is in the rear view mirror!) we are struck by how many empath communities are popping up around questionable spiritual “teachers.”

There is a very subtle, fine line between a narcissist, and an empath, or healer. (as i’m sure many of you have noticed…..we get emails and private messages about this at least once a day)

Remember, that many people refer to themselves as an emapth, healer or spiritually sensitive person as a way of manipulating others. It’s an easy way to get attention, without having to really quantify your qualifications. (after all, it’s so easy to claim some sort of spiritual specialness, without needing to “prove” it, other than stating it as a fact)

The truth is, some of the “empath” content on the web is cringe to read. People who make claims about needing to be “born an empath” and then dismissing anyone who is trying to cultivate more compassion, or empathy for others, in their own lives to evolve into better versions of themselves.

Empaths, healers and light workers are often super selfish and ego oriented people, who claim to want to IMPROVE others, but only seem to make others feel less worthy, as as a result. (hint….most of these folks don’t care about improving anyone, other than their own fragile sense of self worth, that is elevated by posing and pretending to be spiritually superior than everyone else 🙂

Remember, this is your journey. Your karma. Your dharma. Your opportunity to grow and flow into the version of yourself that you truly hope to be. None of us is there yet. We are all imperfect works in progress. Enjoy the ride.

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