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Now Reading: Share Your Near Death Experience with Our Community


Share Your Near Death Experience with Our Community

svgJanuary 17, 2021Musingsgoodkarma

Have you had an NDE?  Have you had an out of body experience, experienced an apparition, had a death bed vision, or any other sort of spiritually transformative experience and want to share with our community?

We’re building a brand new community featuring amazing, inspiring, real stories of ordinary people who have extraordinary experiences that gives us a sneak peak and open a wide window into the magical, mysterious and meaningful  adventure that may await us all.

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  • Lindsey Aronson

    August 23, 2021 / at 1:51 amsvgReply

    Hello! I have an NDE that I’d love to share. I’m an empath. How/ where do I share?

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    Share Your Near Death Experience with Our Community

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