Tyler Henry 2021 Events


As 2021 finally arrives, many folks have asked whether or not Tyler Henry will be doing live events in public places…..or if Covid is putting the kibosh on all of Tyler’s planned appearances.

The good news?  Tyler Henry does have an event schedules posted for 2021 that includes many planned public appearances and readings.  (although of course, that could change contingent on covid restrictions through at at least, the Spring)

Some of the reviews for Tyler Henry’s 2019 and 2020 events are not as good as many of our readers would have hoped, although many of the critiques seem born more about seating and price considerations, rather than the readings themselves.  (although some did complain that Tyler’s event readings were short, not all that detailed and could have been more persuasive) 

Check out Tyler Henry’s 2021 schedule below.


“The good news is that I got into the Tyler Henry show, and HE did not disappoint. The bad news is that I had to pay $329 for a $79 ticket and was in the very last row. The non-stadium seating, regular size chairs were crammed together and I was wedged next to a lady with a big furry coat that smelled of hamburgers and onions, and one of her butt cheeks kept creeping onto my chair. And whenever someone opened the door to go out to use the restroom, the noises of the casino came rushing in, often causing us to miss what Tyler said. I probably won’t go back to this Morongo venue.”

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